Enterprises in the park are working hard to create a good start.
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Longquan News Network News (trainee reporter Lian Dan correspondent Xiang Jianfei) At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Longquan Industrial Park is full of busy production scenes. Enterprises are busy catching up with orders, increasing investment, strengthening stamina, grasping construction, seizing progress, actively analyzing and opening up the market, and striving to create a prosperous future.

On Feb. 17, the reporter walked into Zhejiang Fanghong Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. and saw that the workers were operating in front of the CNC machine tools, busy with orders. In 2012, the company's gross domestic product reached 43 million 580 thousand yuan, an increase of 44.21% over the same period last year.

"We start work on the sixth day of junior high school, the orders of the enterprises are full, the enterprise benefit is good for us too." Zhong Wenying, who has worked in the company for more than 3 years, said.

The person in charge of the enterprise told reporters that the enterprise cares about and cares for employees, so that employees in Fang Hong work at ease, comfortable life, after the festival staff rework rate is very high. This year, enterprises will also take a supporting line, while doing a good job in the domestic market, is trying to broaden the international market, and strive to increase the gross domestic product by 30% compared with last year.

It is understood that due to the implementation of humanized management, the enterprise can pay wages on time and improve the production and living conditions of employees, and properly improve the welfare of employees, so that workers can return to work, to meet the needs of enterprise production.

At the door of Zhejiang Lantong air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd., reporters saw a steady stream of applicants. "Our enterprise started on the sixth day of junior high school, and now it is on the one hand, while recruiting, according to the current situation, will soon be able to recruit full." "In January, the company's gross domestic product increased from the same period last year, making a good start. In 2013, the company will strengthen quality management, increase product research and development efforts, and strive to create new growth points," the company said.

The development and expansion of enterprises is the foundation for the industrial park to achieve leaping development. After the Spring Festival, the team of Zhejiang Longquan Industrial Park took the lead and visited more than 100 enterprises in the park in groups to find out the resumption of work after the Spring Festival, as well as the recruitment of employees and the development goals of the enterprises in 2013. Make a plan.

At present, most of the enterprises in the park have started normal production, and the non-start enterprises are also actively preparing to start construction after the Lantern Festival. The picture shows the workers of Fang Hong automobile air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. are in production.