Zhejiang "Fang Hong" sits on the domestic automobile air conditioner silencer industry.
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A few days ago, FAW Purchasing Engineer Lu Peng put up his thumbs and gave Zhejiang Fanghong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.'s "four most" evaluation: the highest output of domestic automobile air-conditioning mufflers, the best quality, the most varieties, the most standardized production parts approval procedures (PPAP) documents.

Today, with 15,000 Nissan, an annual output of 5 million, and become the world's top 500 auto parts giant Vehicle WorldCom, Hutchinson, Bondi and other automotive air-conditioning muffler long-term suppliers of the "Fang Hong", in the automotive air-conditioning muffler industry is far ahead of the industry, known as the "single outstanding champion".

The automobile air conditioner muffler is used for medium and high grade vehicles. After the international financial crisis in 2008, many foreign enterprises closed down, and the domestic market failed to keep up with supply. Fang Hong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. aims at the opportunity to start specializing in automobile air conditioning mufflers.

After four years of research and development, this small business was originally a family workshop, with the air-conditioning muffler this small accessories, made a big market.

Wang Fanghong, chairman of the board, said that although they have to go through this gateway, their car air-conditioning mufflers are now directly into the various major brands of high-grade vehicles. "As part itself is actually a first-class matching, which is rare in domestic automotive parts enterprises." Wang Fanghong said.

According to the introduction, through several years of efforts, Fang Hong Company continues to improve the production process, product quality continues to improve, the output also from the original daily production of 600, up to 15,000. There are as many as more than 50 varieties, covering general motors, Volkswagen and Ford. In addition, through quality management system, environmental management system certification and Deng Baishi registration, the company has established long-term first-class cooperative partnership with many large-scale auto parts enterprises at home and abroad, such as Weishitong, Hutchinson, Bondi, Shanghai Auto Parts, Changzhou Shengstao, etc.

Recently, a reporter came to Zhejiang Fanghong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Zhejiang Longquan Industrial Park. He saw that the workers were busy with production and delivery. Wang Fanghong, chairman of the board of directors, was discussing business with Austrian purchasers online. Wang Fanghong said that their products are in short supply and orders are snowflaking in. The latest orders have been placed six months later.

Because of reliable product quality, prompt delivery, and cheaper price than imports, Fang Hong also has a voice in the industry in addition to market sales in short supply. "We used to produce according to the requirements of the order, but now the matching merchants only send three-dimensional images. We modify and improve the production process according to the needs of the final determination of technical parameters. Some matching dealers have asked us to pilot the production of air conditioning silencers for new cars that will be introduced in the Ming and new years. " Wang Fanghong said. (reporter Wang Xiangfei, Yan Ming correspondent Wu Xiangdong)