Fang hong air-conditioning equipment wang fang hong, the "craftsman spirit" in the eyes of a business owner
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In the past 15 years, wang fanghong, chairman of zhejiang fanghong air conditioning equipment co., LTD and a member of the communist party, has insisted on only one product: automobile air conditioning pipe muffler, and made it the top domestic sales share, selling well in 17 countries and regions and becoming the industry brand leader.

In 1995, wang began to run hardware and build a family manual workshop with 29,000 yuan of pieces put together by his family. In 2003, he decided to start a company named after himself. That was the year he began to focus on making air conditioning pipe mufflers for cars.

Introduce the production and operation of the enterprise

"With the continuous development of automobile technology, consumers are increasingly demanding to reduce vibration noise inside the vehicle and improve ride comfort. Reducing automobile noise is the main problem to be solved to improve driving comfort. There is certainly a big market for automobile air conditioning pipe mufflers." Wang fanghong confident that because of the early start, products quickly sold in the national level 3 maintenance market. In 2006, fanghong company became the supplier of VISTEON, and successfully entered the global secondary supporting market.

In 2006, fang hong started to explore the way of fine management. In ten years, the company made three machine substitutions, increasing the output from 600 silencers per day to 40,000, while the number of employees increased from 30 to 70. At the same time, enterprises attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation, have obtained and are applying for 16 patents, and own their own intellectual property "fang hong" brand.

Check product quality in workshop

In order to win the order of TI AUTOMOTIVE, wang almost renovated the factory, led his team to jiangsu, guangdong and other places to purchase machinery equipment, from top to bottom training, and wrote a full three page letter to the factory's experts, showing his sincere attitude, hoping to get this cooperation opportunity.

Everything comes to him who waits, under the guidance of Wang Fanghong, enterprise in only a few years as gm, Volkswagen, ford, and other international well-known brands, and the VISTEON HUTCHINSON (VISTEON), France (HUTCHINSON) (TI AUTOMOTIVE), Japan, Britain, bundy SanDian condi, teck (SANDEN), Germany (CONTINENTAL) world famous companies such as supporting cooperative enterprise, the products sell well in Europe and the United States. From January to November 2017, enterprises realized output value of 73,581,000 yuan, an increase of 10%.

Negotiate business with French merchants

Now, enterprises have not only won many domestic honors such as national high-tech enterprises and scientific and technological smes in zhejiang province, but also won the Q12016 excellent supplier award from TI AUTOMOTIVE last year. This good news from the other side of the ocean proves that fang hong company, as a leading manufacturer of auto air conditioning components, has been recognized globally, which is a new milestone of "fang hong" internationalization strategy.

"From mountain county to today's internationalization, we have achieved market segmentation leading in China, Japan, southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and many other regions. We are one of the enterprises with the largest annual output of automobile air conditioning pipe muffler and one of the enterprises with the most patents." Wang fanghong summarized his experience of running a business: stick to the spirit of craftsman, so can create a first-class brand!