Longquan city five enterprises listed in the "made in China 2025 zhejiang action plan" special credit support provincial key enterprises list
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Recently, the province by the letter committee, central sub-branch of the people's bank of China hangzhou, zhejiang branch issued 2025 zhejiang action plan "made in China" list of special credit support to the provincial key enterprises, longquan, ZheJiang Fanghong Alr conditloning equlpment Co., Ltd. (province "hidden champions" cultivating enterprise) the mirror pharmaceutical co., LTD., zhejiang (province demonstration key technological transformation projects, zhejiang base force, automotive air conditioning co., LTD. (province demonstration key technological transformation projects, zhejiang double profit GuYe co., LTD., zhejiang (province "star of entrepreneurship") loose letter automobile air conditioning co., LTD. (intelligent manufacturing key projects at the provincial level), and other five companies on the list. Next, the banking financial institutions will formulate special financial service plans for the list of key enterprises to provide high-quality and efficient financial services. According to the reasonable needs of enterprises, priority should be given to credit funds, actively support enterprises in production and operation, strengthen medium and long-term credit support for enterprises in scientific and technological innovation and technological transformation and upgrading, reasonably arrange the credit period and repayment method, and meet the reasonable capital needs of enterprises in development.